Introduction {#introduction.sectionedit1}

Parrot includes several SQL engines, but when they are pre-installed, the default password is not configured and the access to its root user is denied.

This page will help you in setting up a new password for the root user of Mysql/Mariadb and Postgresql


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Reconfigure Mysql/Mariadb Password {#reconfigure-mysqlmariadb-password.sectionedit2}

1. Stop the MySQL service.

  service mysql stop

2. Start MySQL without password and permission checks.

 mysqld_safe --skip-grant-tables &

3. Press [ENTER] again if your output is halted.

4. Connect to MySQL.

  mysql -u root mysql

5. Run following commands to set a new password for root user. Substitute NEW_PASSWORD with your new password.

  UPDATE user SET password=PASSWORD('my new p4ssw0rd') WHERE user='root';

6. Restart the MySQL service.

  service mysql restart

Reconfigure Postgresql Password {#reconfigure-postgresql-password.sectionedit3}

1. Open psql from the postgres user.

  sudo -u postgres psql

2. Change password of the postgres user (or any other database user)

  \password postgres


  \password myuser

3. Quit pgsql