Hello everyone, as you may know, our development group has a very informal structure which works pretty well on smaller communities, but this model introduces a big problem when the community grows.

Parrot needs to work on the concept that no one should trust each other and everyone should be able to work with all the others anyway.

To reach this result we need a bureaucratic structure, like a constitution, that states how we sould work on the project and what are the rules of this awesome game.

In absence of it, i, as the team leader of the project, need to manually check and review everything, evaluate it, try to not make errors, try to not offend anyone etc,

and as you have noticed (expecially those of you who are members of the ambassadors program), this causes very big delays even for the approval of very little ideas.

what is the solution?

let’s write our own constitutions where all the roles are well defined, where all the procedures to make things done are standardized and where the entire set of rules and roles can make our organization as decentralized (but secure) as we need to do great things together.



This message is the official communication that we, as members of the Parrot Project, are starting to work to our internal constitution.

I am personally working on a first draft (time permitting) that would be uploaded on github as soon as possible, then everyone would be free to contribute to it with issues and pull requests.




Happy Hacking