Hi, Palinuro here.

The development of Parrot 3.2 is proceeding fast and we have many new ideas to implement, first of all we are considering to drop gtkdialog and any other tool depending on it (unfortunately penmode is one of them) as gtkdialog is no longer maintianed and it doesn’t work anymore on gtk3 systems.

We will also drop pandora’s box as it is not compatible with systemd and because bleachbit already features a ram cleaner.

Gimp and kdevelop will no longer be pre-installed in our full flavour as they are no longer required by parrot-interface-full and they are not strictly needed in a live pentesting environment, but don’t worry, you can still install them from our repository, and the development section will still have geany and qtcreator that will never leave our heart.


The good news is that we are working on some car hacking stuff and we are oing to introduce some new car hacking tools and frameworks as for example kayak.


For what concerns our derivative projects we will give a big boost to parrot libre (iris project) and give more space to parrot studio, but we are also considering to make a parrot derivative designed for schools (with many educational tools available) but this project is strictly related to our personal work on pushing the adoption of free(libre) software in schools and other educational structures.



Stay tuned and join our IRC chat and mailing list for questions and further news