Hey Guys,

ParrotOS has received some large updates:
The Kernel has been updated to 5.2
Mate is now 1.22.1
Chromium received some security updates through the rolling-security repository branch.
There are also some firmware updates:

  • firmware-iwlwifi
  • firmware-realtek
  • firmware-ti-connectivity
  • firmware-amd-graphics
  • firmware-myricom
  • firmware-atheros
  • firmware-libertas
  • firmware-netxen
  • firmware-intelwimax
  • firmware-linux-nonfree
  • firmware-brcm80211
  • firmware-qlogic
  • firmware-misc-nonfree
  • firmware-bnx2x
  • firmware-linux
  • firmware-bnx2

Firejail is now optional as we work to resolve issues and make the system smoother overall. In the mean time you can access applications which are sandboxed through the menu under “Sandbox”.

For further Reference: